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Uk web hosting - Best For Your Business
Uk web hosting - Best For Your Business


Power At The Right Price With VPS!

Dedicated Control & Functionality In A Scalable Environment!

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Uk web hosting - Best For Your Business


Our virtual private servers are built from the ground up using all SSD storage. Enjoy increased power, flexibility, and control for your websites.

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Uk web hosting - Best For Your Business

Maximum Performance

Latest Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2680 v2 processors 96GB ECC Grade RAM, powered by CloudLinux & LiteSpeed, we have 9 Times Faster loading times for PHP Web Pages.

Uk web hosting - Best For Your Business


Experience how you can leverage the power of high-performing server backup solutions. You can access, restore or download snapshots of your entire website at any time via cPanel.

Uk web hosting - Best For Your Business

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

Easy to generate new SSL for you domain with our Free Let’s Encrypt SSL, straight from your cPanel

Uk web hosting - Best For Your Business

Advanced Management

We have a team of trained professionals monitoring not only our physical locations but our server software as well. Rest assured your web site is safe and secure

FreQuent ASKED Question

• VPS or ‘Virtual Private Server’ is a private service through which you benefit from a number of dedicated resources. The private server is used only by you. ‘Virtual’ means that part of a physical server is dedicated exclusively to your needs.

• The MevenHost team provides free daily back-up, automatic, incremental, encrypted, remote and installation, configuration, free VPS security, 24/7 monitoring, multiple control panels, free SSL certificates and DDoS protection.

• When you use a lot of resources, a VPS service is ideal because you don’t have to share CPU power, enjoy stability, root access and maximum control of allocated resources and costs are very low compared to a dedicated server.

• A VPS service gives you stability and safety in the first place. Although there are similarities between this service and shared hosting, the latter is intended for small projects that do not require a lot of resources and do not have heavy traffic.

• The MevenHost team offers the possibility to customize your VPS service exactly according to your business needs. Starting from ( Control Panel Option, Softaculous Auto Installer, Dedicated IP’s, Operating System (OS) ).

• The VPS service is suitable for projects and sites that use many applications or have heavy traffic: online stores, dedicated apps, news sites are just a few examples. Note that VPS requires a medium to advanced use of technology for self-managed VPS servers.

• Yes we offer up to 3 dedicated IP addresses for a VPS.

• We provide you with 4 VPS service packages according to your needs and the project you are developing. They are thought out according to the size of your project.

• We are 24/7 for you online, we back-up daily and offer SSL certificate and DDoS protection so that you and your apps can work safely.

• Our VPS service offers lates NVMe SSD storage environments hosted in United States. They are virtualized through Intel XEON enterprise grade multi-processor equipment with automatic daily back-up, DDoS protection and 24/7 monitoring.

• We strive to provide high quality services to support our partners and provide them with high-performance solutions for their businesses.

Uk web hosting - Best For Your Business

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Uk web hosting - Best For Your Business