Is Shared Web Hosting Still Worth It?


Not only is shared hosting still worth it, but it’s probably also the best option if you’re just starting out. With shared web hosting, you get unlimited hosting resources, which will save you money and meet all your basic needs. Dedicated and VPS hosting are a bit pricey and can be too much for a beginning out blogger. You might upgrade to one of these or to cloud or managed hosting when your demand for server resources increases.

Choosing the Right Package

Security and reliability are critical aspects of any website. They aren’t to be taken lightly. Make sure you choose a safe and reliable service. Security is not supreme with shared hosting for WordPress; you’ll find some limits to the security options available.

Consider bandwidth and web storage. You’re getting set storage space if you decide to go for shared web hosting. Assess your needs carefully and see if your site can run smoothly in the space your plan of choice offers. If you’re not sure this will be the case, ask the provider if they’ll let you upgrade to keep your site from going offline due to storage or bandwidth limitations.

Always ask the provider how much bandwidth your site will need and how much is being allocated to you under any given plan. Your bandwidth should be as much as possible. With MevenHosting we do not limit this.

Finally, support isn’t an aspect to be ignored by any means. You should have quick and reliable support to help you with any issues whatsoever. There should be more than one way to get in touch with the support team, for example, by support ticket, by email, on social media, and by chat.

When is Shared Hosting Best?

Shared hosting is best for people who just want to start a blog, a hobby site, self-employed or small business. They can’t expect high traffic from the get-go. Shared hosting handles most startup sites easily and costs far less than a dedicated server.

In the beginning, most bloggers and self-employed are short on cash. Managed hosting can cost up to £150 a month, and shared hosting with MevenHost – as little as 99p calendar month.

If it fits your needs, shared hosting is a good idea. It’s inexpensive and the unlimited hosting resources will fulfil all of your basic requirements.